Sticks and stones.

There is a hole stabbed in my heart
And lo my soul has torn in half
I fill the void with all these toys
And all your sighs and all your tears
It’s mighty hard, I fly too far
I hold it up the world so high
I jab the dark, love lost is stark
The sun too close, he tried to march.

The night doth mark, the beats restart,
It hits the bullseye like a dart.
I sever heads, to disconnect
Alas, this demon nay depart.
But like frayed threads, they have now spread
The crown on top, it doth dispart
For what was none there now is one
A fatal blow on my part.

And that is the spot, blank or not
The bullet’s wound is like a knife
It’s burning hot, that piercing shot
It is the ending of your life
A gift of fire for the earth,
I am the last, I am the first
I’ve come too far to close that box,
The curse inside; my bones it mocks

My weaknesses, they cannot heal,
I kill he who does not feel
My rage, my wrath, that Trojan horse
Came to my life, with no remorse
And at the end nicks light o’ dear
The dark of everlasting night is near
The pain and anguish; turned to stone,
With but a glimpse upon her throne.

There’s cuts to skin, twelve layers deep,
Labours one shall ever reap
And in this labyrinth of life
All hope is lost, but at what price?
Where are you now; dear Gods of mine?
My love in life, be gone in time.


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